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I'am ANSHU and welcome to MY MOM'S RECIPES!

I am a food lover. I love to eat! I love to cook! I love to click! 
I was never into cooking before getting married. As all other young girls, I simply use to enjoy my Mum's dishes and watching TV shows with her, which were mostly related to food and cooking. At that time I never thought of  MY MOM'S RECIPES! Let me introduce you all to my Mum, my inspiration!

My world of blogging started in 2008, when a Computer Teacher from Rajasthan,(Miss A) got married to a tech guy of  Bengal,(Mister J) and the duo settled in the US of America. 

The journey started when Miss A, a forever vegetarian girl, enters the kitchen to cook for a food-lover Bengali hard-core non-vegetarian, 'Mister J.' Then comes all the internet research, TV shows, cookbooks and most importantly, the international calls back to India, to my Mum. 

Slowly and steadily, with many epic kitchen fails, trials n errors, I learned my way through the kitchen of different varieties of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 

Since then, till now, the journey continues of craving, cooking, clicking and posting! And I love to share with all my experiences and experiments in my blog.

With no formal training in cooking or photography, today I am running three blogs based on food and travel. 

Now something about my family - My MOM, who has always been the Master Chef and the best cook for me, whom I still bug now and then for more authenticity and traditional recipes. My Dad, who always believed that I can do anything. My naughty brother, who always believed I can never' do anything, 
Oh yes! last but not the least, my darling soul-mate, Mister J, my critic, my mentor, standing beside with a glass of wine and ready for a taste-test, even at the times, when I mess up entirely my kitchen experiments. I will always be thankful for all the appreciation and criticism I gained from him, which helped me lots to improve my culinary skills!

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  1. I would like to know more of your authentic rajasthani recipies...I am gonna try the rajasthani gulab jamun recipe today...i run a restaurant where i offer dal bati churma,besan gatta...i wish to introduce special authentic rajasthani dishes for my Marvadi clients...Your help will be appreciated...Thank You.


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