Aloo Paratha - The Foolproof Version Tips

The Indian flat-bread stuffed with spiced potato mix, topped with a dollop of butter is in itself a sensation

5 Tips To Make Best Stuffed Parathas At Home

Paratha is that one comfort food that is loved by people across the country. 

One food we have grown eating, taken to school for lunch more than a million times at least. 

One food that can be paired with almost all kinds of sabzis, 

One food that can be stuffed with various fillings, be it aloo, gobhi, methi, palak, mooli or pyaz. 

We all know how to make stuffed parathas, the magic of pairing pliable dough, stuffing, and ghee, but blissfully underestimate the skill that goes into making this country’s favorite food. Hence sharing five crucial tips to make perfect stuffed parathas with utmost ease

Dough - It should be perfect. By perfect, I mean it should be pliable and elastic and not dry. When you have made the dough, let it rest for 20 mins before you start working with it. This helps the gluten to form and helps to make it stretchy.

Stuffing - Whatever stuffing you’re using, make sure it’s not soggy. Absorb excess moisture by mixing a few pinches of besan or whole-wheat flour into it, if required. 

Temperature - The stuffing should be at room temperature before you start filling it inside the dough. If the stuffing is hot, it might end up squeezing out at the seams.

Also, when you throw in the parantha on the skillet to cook, make sure it’s properly heated otherwise the paratha will stick. 

Extra dough - To get rid of that tasteless thick part in the middle of the paratha, make sure to separate the extra dough after covering the stuffing and pinch out properly. Also, softly press down the middle part of the ball after pinching out extra dough to make the surface even. 

Cooking Technique - While cooking the parathas, make sure that the skillet is properly heated otherwise it will stick. Also, avoid flipping it multiple times. Allow one side cook well and then flip it to cook the other side.


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