Hearty Mix Vegetable Soup

So many variations, so many different recipes, but rate to find one who does not like it, it's a super quick, very simple, hearty mix vegetable soup. Here, I have combined tangy tomatoes with carrots and cucumber. Yes, you heard right - Cucumber :-) A hearty tasty soup with more energy and less preparations.

What all you need - Two Tomatoes, two Carrots, a cucumber, a dash of salt n pepper and a little butter. 

How to make - Boil tomatoes and carrots with very less water for few minutes. Discard the skin of tomato(it's completely optional to remove the skin.) Peel cucumber n cut into small pieces.
Blend all three veggies.
Heat a small chunk of butter in a pan. Add the blended mixture. Season with salt n pepper.
Enjoy hot n fresh.


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