Gunda-Methi ki Sabzi

Another special, seasonal and authentic Rajasthani vegetable is Glue Berry/Cordia/ Lasode/ BirdLime or commonly known as 'Gunda ki Sabzi ' ( गून्दा की सब्ज़ी )

Fresh Gundas are available during summer season at most of the Vegetable markets in Rajasthan and many Indian Grocery Stores in United States. I personally bought fresh Goondas from "Patel Cash and Carry" while living in New Jersey and from "Laxmi Palace" while living in Richmond, VA.

Gunda is a kind of wild berry with a very sticky seed inside, that needs to be removed. These can be boiled and de-seeded OR else, Gundas can be cut by hitting a pestle on the gunda and splitting it halfway and then removing the seed using a pairing knife dipped in Salt Water. Salt helps to remove the stickiness so after cutting a few gundas, just dip your fingers in salt and rub them together before rinsing them under water. (You can use gloves while cutting the gundas)

Although Gunda/ Cordia is a very sticky vegetable. Its stickiness disappears while cooking on a slow flame for a long time. It can be made in a large amount and kept in the refrigerator. It can be then reheated and consumed within a week.

For the detailed Recipe of this Authentic Rajasthani Vegetable, please visit :



  1. That's goondas

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  11. An amazing ingredient. I know more than the average Westerner about Indian, but I've never heard nor seen these. As typical, I am very intrigued and will go seek them out next time I'm in my Indian market.

    A jaw-dropping recipe.

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    This sounds amazing Anshu; this is the same berry that is used for pickles right?

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    @ Shri, its the same berry used for pickles.

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