Happy Halloween

 Halloween is celebrated on the evening of October 31st, which is the evening before the Christian feast of All Saint's Day.

Every year on Halloween, people dress up in costumes, trick-or-treat, watch scary movies, and have parties. This tradition originated in Ireland, as the Celtic Irish once thought that on October 31 the spirits of the dead could re-enter the bodies of the living. In turn, the living would dress up in ghoulish costumes to scare the spirits away.

In the 1840’s the Irish brought the tradition to America.

In China they celebrate the Halloween festival which they call, Teng Chieh. Novelties, such as food and water are placed in front of the pictures of deceased relatives. Lanterns are then lit to guide the spirits home on Halloween night. This ceremony has two purposes, the first being to remember the dead, and the second is to help the dead ascend to heaven if they haven’t already done so.

It is believed that it is the end of "season of the sun" and the start of "season of
 darkness and cold" due to winter.

 Kids & Stores love Halloween. It is the festival when the largest amount of candy is
 sold. Children wear costumes and they go to people's homes saying "Trick or treat!" to ask for candy and then the people give it to them.


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